250g Coir Squares

Discover the cosmic power of the Coco Coir Growing Medium by Cosmic! This exceptional product combines the eco-friendly properties of coco coir with the perfect balance of nutrients, ensuring optimal plant growth. Experience stellar results for your gardening endeavors!


The coir squares are pH balanced, eco-friendly growing medium. Provides excellent air space and water holding capacity. These compressed bricks are easy to handle and store. Holds between 8 and 10 times its volume in water.

  • Compression ratio: 8:1
  • pH: 5.8 – 6.8
  • EC washed: <0.3 ms/cm Shipping Info
  • Can be individually wrapped, or packs of 25 blocks • Please indicate the number of pieces per box requested.
Shipping Info:
  • Can be individually wrapped or packs of 25 blocks.
  • Send inquiry regarding the number of boxes per pallet. 
  • Please indicat the number of pieces per box requested.

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