IT Specialist

IT Specialist for Cosmic Connections LLC in Ashland, OR. ID, plan, implement, & admin systems to improve e-biz activities incl e-com software release QA & documentation, networks, workstations & train users. ID & confirm biz, system & security reqs met. Manage & troubleshoot computer prog & software packages to handle tracking inventory, storing or retrieving data, & controlling other equip. Work closely w/ owner to clarify & estab IT needs, ID problems, & suggest changes. Read, understand & interpret requirements. Test, maintain, & monitor computer prog and systems. Review & analyze performance indicators. Locate & correct coding errors to increase performance. Software QA planning, testing, documentation & automation. Requirements: 5 yr exp & Bachelor Comp. Sci., Comp Sys. Eng. or equiv. Exp. monitoring production infrastructure, environments & apps for uptime, performance, security, runtime exceptions. Proficient with Windows /Win 7/Win 8.1/Win 10 & Microsoft Office Suite Create, read and understand SQL, HTML and CSS, basic code Exp. w/ Black box testing, C# & automated testing. Strong analytical aptitude, written & verbal communication skills.

Send resume: Ajit Singh, 695 Mistletoe RD STE D, Ashland, OR 97520.

Created at 19 Aug 2019

Coconut Coir Pots & Hanging Baskets

  • Eco-friendly 
  • Supports strong root system
  • Why you should use Cosmic coir pots and baskets
Created at 03 Mar 2019


  • What is plant allelopathy?
  • How plants can be toxic to others?
  • Best plant combinations
Created at 03 Feb 2019

Microorganisms In Soil

  • Role of microorganisms
  • How it makes soil fertile
Created at 19 Jan 2019

Plants During Winter

  • What happenes to plants during winter
  • How to protect them from cold
Created at 13 Jan 2019

What is Raingarden?

  • Rain garden soil mix
  • Mulch layer: 3''
  • Pounding depth: 3-6''
  • Overflow
  • Runoff water from roof and/or driveways
  • Plants that fit soil conditions


Created at 25 Nov 2018

Cosmic Coco Coir

  • Superior to pith moss
  • High chemical nutrient value and physical properties
  • Eco-Friendly
Created at 13 Nov 2018

Organic Gardening

  • Better Taste
  • Healthier
  • It's Inexpensive
  • Protects the Environment
Created at 12 Nov 2018