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Discover the cosmic power of the Coco Coir Growing Medium by Cosmic! This exceptional product combines the eco-friendly properties of coco coir with the perfect balance of nutrients, ensuring optimal plant growth. Experience stellar results for your gardening endeavors!

Grow Bags (Open top, rectangular with openings)

Peat grow bags are ideal substrates for greenhouse cultivation, supporting tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, and cut flowers. Customizable dimensions, volume, and structure ensure optimal water and air retention to meet specific requirements.

Loose Coco Bag / Uncompressed Coco Peat

Eco-friendly, ready-to-use coco peat based potting soil. Exceptionally low in salt. This peat based hydroponic soilless media is engineered to allow gardeners to feed heavier for greater yields. Great for hydroponic applications and container gardening.

Loose Fiber – Bales

Great for mounting orchids, lining baskets or pots, crafts, terrariums, floral accent, pet bedding, as well as excellent for orchid plugs and seedlings. An eco-friendly alternative to sphagnum moss. Holds less moisture and re-wets more easily. Mix with other orchid mediums or potting soils such as orchid bark and sponge rock.

Grow Mats

Made from the fiber between the outer husk and the meat of a coconut, which is then made into fibrous mats in hanging flower pots, window baskets and window boxes. Coco mats help hold the flowers and soil in place when you use open metal basket-like boxes. Plant into the sides of the mat so that your flower arrangements surrounds the entire outside of the planter.

Coco Fiber Erosion Netting

Eco-friendly. Provides natural ground cover. When an area is devoid of vegetation, erosion tends to occur due to water and air. Synthetic textiles create additional problems: pollution, and leeching into the ground water. They do not always permit natural ground cover to take over. Our nets, have the optimum strength to hold back the soil for a sustained period.

Door Mats

Hand-woven in traditional looms and then sheared to create a dense mat that traps dirt and moisture. Flooring has been a popular coconut coir product around the world.