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Cosmic Coco Coir Fiber Products offer sustainable and versatile solutions for gardening. Made from high-quality coco coir, our eco-friendly products promote healthy plant growth and provide an alternative to traditional soil-based cultivation.


Made from the fiber between the outer husk and the meat of a coconut, which is then made into fibrous mats in hanging flower pots, window baskets and window boxes. Coco mats help hold the flowers and soil in place when you use open metal basket-like boxes. Plant into the sides of the mat so that your flower arrangements surrounds the entire outside of the planter.

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Customers Review

Dorothy W Edge Professor

Coco Husk Chips are a game-changer! Eco-friendly, great water retention, long-lasting, and versatile. My plants have never been happier. Highly recommend for all gardening enthusiasts!

Le Sansa Social Activist

The Loose Coco Bag/Uncompressed Coco Peat is a gardening essential! Easy to use, eco-friendly, and excellent moisture retention. My plants thrive in this nutrient-rich medium. Highly recommended for all gardeners!

Lora Patients

The Eco-friendly and all-organic Coco Coir Discs are a gardener's dream! Perfect for small pots or commercial use, they fit seamlessly into retail flower packaging. Ideal for planting seeds and seedlings. A must-have!