Loose Coco Bag / Uncompressed Coco Peat

Discover the cosmic power of the Coco Coir Growing Medium by Cosmic! This exceptional product combines the eco-friendly properties of coco coir with the perfect balance of nutrients, ensuring optimal plant growth. Experience stellar results for your gardening endeavors!


Eco-friendly, ready-to-use coco peat based potting soil. Exceptionally low in salt. This peat based hydroponic soilless media is engineered to allow gardeners to feed heavier for greater yields. Great for hydroponic applications and container gardening.

  • 50 liters and 70 liters bags
  • Moisture: 10-15%
  • pH: 5.8-6.8
  • EC: <0.3 ms/cm super washed
Shipping Info:
  • 20 feet container – (50-liter size 900 bags) – (70-liter size 650 bags)
  • 40 feet container – (50-liter size 1800 bags) – (70-liter size 1300 bags)
  • Palletized shrink wrapped

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Customers Review

Dorothy W Edge Professor

Coco Husk Chips are a game-changer! Eco-friendly, great water retention, long-lasting, and versatile. My plants have never been happier. Highly recommend for all gardening enthusiasts!

Le Sansa Social Activist

The Loose Coco Bag/Uncompressed Coco Peat is a gardening essential! Easy to use, eco-friendly, and excellent moisture retention. My plants thrive in this nutrient-rich medium. Highly recommended for all gardeners!

Lora Patients

The Eco-friendly and all-organic Coco Coir Discs are a gardener's dream! Perfect for small pots or commercial use, they fit seamlessly into retail flower packaging. Ideal for planting seeds and seedlings. A must-have!